Turn Figma into
an image API

Sampler creates dynamic images on the fly so you can put your image creation on autopilot.


How Sampler

Step 1


Connect your Figma account to Sampler to use all the powerful options Figma provides.

Step 2

Design in Figma

Design your images how you are used to, and take advantage of all the features in Figma.

Step 3

Call our API

Every design change instantly reflects in the existing images through our CDN and just call our API to start creating.


The perfect editor

Figma has raised the bar for what users expect from design software. That's why Sampler is built on top of Figma's editor utilizing all the features it provides. Design with the state the art options this enables.

Use cases

Instead of creating, saving, and moving image assets when developing your business, our API makes it easy to set up a template and creating new images on the fly.


Open Graph images

All pages on the web has an image shown when shared on Social Medias. Use Sampler to create a unique picture for each page on your site.



For every platform where images are the only solution. Creating an image is fast and our CDN makes it possible to use it from your website.


Email images

Create customized images for all your email receivers by simply changing query parameters on the picture from inside your mail templates.



Adding your own pdf generator is now based on your Figma file. Making it easy to change design.



With a catalog full of products & multiple languages the number of images to be made just keeps increasing.



Automate the images in your ad funnel for each unique user and their language by calling our REST API.

Having run multiple software products, custom images have always been a struggle. The time it requires results in the most prominent images being handled manually while the rest is skipped for lack of time. That's why I created Sampler.

Rasmus Hjulskov

Creator of Sampler


Fetch & robots

Creating your images programmatically by an API is only the first step. Make the entire flow easier by using our scraping bots & webhooks.


Without the hassle

From now on, you don't have to think about updating your images ever again. Sampler will make it easy to automatically keep everything up to date.

Ready to automate your
images right now?