Social images
on autopilot

Make your site look gorgeous when shared on Social Media. With Sampler you automatically generate beautiful images for each page, every change, anytime.

How Sampler

Step 1


Link your website to your Sampler account with an HTML Open Graph meta tag.

Step 2

Add your design

Style your Image Previews with your brand design, fonts, &colors.

Step 3

Always live

Every page gets its own unique Image Preview, which is always kept up-to-date.

The front door to your website

When a link to your site is shared, Social Media Platforms try their best to present it as good as possible. But this is only a guess from their part.

This is your new users first impression on your site. So don't let it be up to guesswork!

Be likable on Social Media

Better images move eyeballs. Increase the interaction on your site significantly by presenting each site with a great customized image. The improved impression looks great for both you and your brand.

Everything on autopilot

It shouldn't be your concern to keep preview images up-to-date. Sampler keeps every image for every page up-to-date anytime.

Updating Social Media

Platforms caches your images for their own sake. With every new image, we update their cache as well.

Developer API

Have your own use-case for our images? Access our developer API & let's find a solution for you.

Download your assets

Need your images on your own server? No problem, as we easily save you a bundle.

Bring your own design

Add your own styles, fonts, & colors to make your images look exactly on brand. Our existing templates are easy to adjust to make them your own.

Fetch & robots

From now on, you don't have to think about Social Images ever again. Sampler will automatically detect changes on your site and generate new images for each page, every change, anytime.

Make your website look
great when shared?